The range of running events on offer has been booming in recent years like never before. In Germany alone there are now around 2 million runners who regularly participate in fun runs and professional running events.

As marathon runners ourselves with plenty of contacts, and based on our own experience, we knew how unpopular the safety pin solution is amongst runners. In the relevant internet forums, comments along the following lines are common: “annoying solution”, “endless fumbling around with safety pins”, “shirt laddering system” and “nobody likes to wear loose and slanted start numbers”.

Whether amateur or professional, all athletes including world champions and olympic champions have shared this problem.

The only alternative to date has been start number bands, which have not gained popularity, because they restrict the chest and abdomen and move about. In the course of a 10km race, the number may makes its way around the runner a couple of times and leave him occasionally seeking the lost number on his backside.

Our quest to replace this outdated and impractical system, with something befitting the age of space exploration and hi-tech materials, gave birth to the idea behind fixpoints.

To develop a high quality, professional and modern attachment system for start numbers which fulfils all the technical and sporting requirements of athletes:

  • Simple, quick and accurate attachment
  • Optimal comfort
  • Non-destructive to sports clothing
  • Suitable for all running and sports clothing materials
  • A firm hold for the start number under all circumstances
  • Optically pleasing with the option for matching colors
  • Easy to remove

The aim of fixpoints was and is to offer runners and other athletes a functional improvement. That we have succeeded in this aim seems to be proved by the thoroughly positive feedback from all those who have tried it ...

…and so they’ve finally found each other, fixpoints and start numbers, companions that will always stick together.