Instruction For Use

  1. Hold the start number together with the outer half of a fixpoint on one of the upper corners (ca. 2-3cm from the edge).
  2. Then fix it with the inner half of the fixpoint under your shirt. Now check that the start number is correctly positioned (10cm from the bottom of your running clothing).
  3. Try to keep the shirt flat and uncreased while applying the 2nd fixpoint to the remaining upper Corner.
  4. If necessary adjust the position now, by holding the shirt and pulling the start number into place.
  5. In order to make the start number lie flat, hold it at a corner, pull the shirt fabric inwards, then carefully push the fixpoints outwards again while holding the number in the middle. To push the fixpoint back towards the middle, lift the number at the Corner.
  6. Now attach the other two fixpoints.

That's it!

In the case of running jackets with pockets, insert the inner fixpoints in the pocket.