Does the magnetic power of the magnets wear out over time?

No – with proper use (do not expose to heat above 80 degrees C or bring close to strong magnets), the magnetism stays practically constant.

Do magnets influence the human body?

This question is not completely resolved.

Through frequent and long exposure to larger and stronger magnets, this can certainly be the case. However, the small magnets used by fixpoints have no significant influence and present no danger to humans.

How close may fixpoints come to credit cards and suchlike?

In tests there was no problem, even when the magnets were fixed directly to bank cards for a matter of days. The warning statement is necessary for the purpose of legal non-indemnity. To be sure, maintain a separation of 10cm or more.

Why can’t fixpoints be used in conjunction with start numbers which have integrated electronic timer chips?

These systems use passive transponders. The transponders are integrated in the start numbers and are detected by long range antennas. The passive transponders get their energy from the antenna’s electromagnetic field. The magnetic field from the fixpoints can interfere with this and so negatively impact the proper function of the chips.

In our tests with isolated runners there was no problem with the timing function, but in a large field of runners using fixpoints the timing function could possibly be disrupted.

What kind of magnets are used for fixpoints?

We use nickel-plated neodymium magnets, magnetization grade N42, nickel-copper-nickel coated, with a magnetic holding strength of 1.1 kg per magnet. The polarity is North-south.