fixpoints - magnetic fastening system for the professional attachment of your start number

The design of fixpoints in terms of form, size and weight is such that it barely noticeable for the wearer and yet provides an easy means of attachment.

The special click-on click-off indentation on the fixpoints makes the start number equally simple to remove.

The inside face of fixpoints is made of a low-friction skin-friendly synthetic material.

By exchanging the detachable caps, the color of fixpoints can be adjusted to suit the color of your start number or clothes.

Weight of outer+inner fixpoint: 3.1g Weight of set: 12.4g



Start numbers which have integrated timer chips: don't set fixpoints directly on the chip.
Keep fixpoints away from ATM- and Credit-cards as these may be damaged by the magnetic field.
Keep fixpoints away from children below the age of 5.
People with heart pace-makers should not use fixpoints.